In the US, there is no legal standard for all natural. There is an implication that the products are minimally processed, and contain no manufactured items. By Canadian standards, A natural food or ingredient of a food is not expected to contain, or to ever have contained, an added vitamin, mineral nutrient, artificial flavouring agent or food additive. This is the gist of my intentions, to present a product minimally processed, containing no hydrogenated oils, chemicals, or man made components or artificial colors or flavorings. Ingredients commonly used are discussed below:



Why use shortening instead of butter? I use shortening made from palm oil which contains zero trans fats. Notice I did not say zero "trans fats per serving". By definition, US labeling standards allow a product to claim trans fat free if I contains less than .5 gram of trans fats per serving. Using a small amount can yield a small enough amount per serving of trans fats to qualify to be labeled trans fat free. But who eats just one serving of anything? The reality is that many foods that we eat have a small amount of trans fats in them, which all can add up to trouble. Trans fats raise bad cholesterol and lower good cholestrol; hence Brian's Kitchen uses only trans fat-free palm oil shortening. 



I am of the widely held opinion that sugar is not poison. All things in moderation. In typical processing of everyday white granulated sugar, the final steps done to provide the commonly sold sugar is to remove many of the naturally occurring nutrients, and molasses. I use a pure cane sugar. Zulka® Brand Sugars are all natural products made directly from the sugar cane plant by using the latest technologies applied to proven century old processing concepts. These techniques result in products that have natural taste, color, and aroma derived directly from the Cane Plant. Gentle vacuum evaporation of the freshly harvested cane preserves the nutritional and organic values of the cane plant and gives Zulka® Brand products the sweet taste of nature. Zulka Brand products are manufactured with an unsurpassed dedication to quality assurance. More information is available at This has the same appearance as other "raw" sugars, light brown in color, and coarser than typical refined sugar. I believe that less processed the product, the closer it is to the way nature intended, probably better overall for us.


 WHEY LOW Sugar Replacement

This all natural "sugar for diabetics" with a low glycemic index (12) is NOT a sugar alcohol, which means no stomach distress. 1/3 of the calories as "regular" sugar. Uses 1:1 as regular sugar…no fillers. No aftertaste, or chemicals. More information at



We use only all natural vanilla, never artificially produced "vanilla flavor". The primary ingredient of artificially flavored vanilla is water.



I use dark chocolate chips made by Barry Callebault. Ingredients: sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (an emulsifier) and natural vanilla. Notes: no dairy products. Most chips contain milk or milk fat. Not here. Also, this ingredient is the only one of mine containing soy. Not an issue for most people.



I use Skippy all natural crunchy peanut butter in my regular cookies. This product contains only peanuts, palm oil, sugar and salt. Check the label of the peanut butter in your cupboards. It probably contains hydrogenated oils.

In my diabetic friendly peanut butter cookies, I use crunchy peanut butter whose only ingredient is peanuts. It needs to be stirred, but the naturally occurring sugar is only 1/3 the amount in other peanut butter.



All natural, unsulphured molasses.



 For gluten free cookies, a combination of sweet rice flour and white rice flour. Nothing else.

For everything else, whole wheat pastry flour. It is a whole grain flour which has increased fiber, and nutrients. Whole wheat pastry flour is a softer version of whole wheat flour with a lighter taste.


 The benefits of whole grains most documented by repeated studies include:

Stroke risk reduced 30-36%
Type 2 diabetes risk reduced 21-30% 
Heart disease risk reduced 25-28% 
Better weight maintenance 










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